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The Diamonfire brand name is synonymous with outstanding quality, creativity and a keen sense of classic design trends.
The Diamonfire zirconia stone is one of the most exclusive of all synthetic stones. 57 hand-polished facets are placed on the Diamonfire zirconia to emulate a dazzling modern brilliant cut diamond – unlike other cubic zirconias that are typically casted into their shape. Each piece is complete with a certificate detailing the quality of your Diamonfire zirconia.
All Diamonfire zirconia is set into 925 sterling silver. The surface of the sterling silver mounts are treated to the exclusive Diamonfire jewellery plating process that gives it a high-quality brilliance and long-lasting protection from tarnishing. All Diamonfire jewellery is multi-layered, triple-plated using precious metals; rhodium, palladium and platinum.